I got an internship offer from Hatch

I’m super stoked to share that I have joined Hatch as a Software Engineering Intern, supporting their mission to help homo sapiens sleep better.

A little about Hatch

Hatch’s innovative products like Rest, Rest+ and Restore make use of Internet of Things (IOT), to communicate with their servers via the mobile apps facing the users. These products allow you to create an ideal sleep environment.

Restore: Hatch’s newest sleep product for adults

With Restore, you can create a customized sleep routine for yourself using its mobile app called Hatch Sleep. Here’s a sample routine that comes built-in, you have a lot of freedom to customize it according to your needs.

Hatch sleep app

Hatch was very kind as to send me its products. I have personally tried Restore, it’s amazing how it meets all my needs for an ideal pre-sleep to sleep to wake-up routine.

What will I be doing at Hatch?

At the time of writing this blog, I have completed 2 weeks at Hatch already. I have been working on different Android projects, refactoring them, fixing bugs that were long due.

I have been working closely with Ken (VP Engineering at Hatch) and Gabriel (Android Lead at Hatch). Both of them are very kind and always open to help.

Everyone at Hatch is very kind and open. How do I know that? For the past 2 weeks, I have been scheduling 1:1 calls with engineers, designers, product managers as well as non-tech people from Hatch. I try to maintain notes throughout those conversations and ask them questions that could help me in the long run. And their answers indeed are very insightful.

I plan to explore more interesting things at Hatch on the firmware, back-end, and product side as well to maximize my learning.

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I have a long journey ahead, full of growth and fun. I’m super excited about all the things waiting for me at Hatch.

I feel grateful for having this opportunity. Special thanks to Ken, Dave, and Ann!

  1. Adeel, I love this post. Your ambition to get this internship says a lot about who you are and where you are going in life. Excited to have you as part of the Hatch team!

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